Case Studies

Evergreen Place, Enfield

One of our surveyors was initially engaged as consultant and then appointed by Linea Homes Ltd as building owner’s surveyor for their prestigious development sited at The Coppice in Enfield. A pre-construction consultation was undertaken and included a site inspection with subsequent location plan being drafted to illustrate liability and notifiable aspects of the project for the benefit of building owners. The development was sited within proximity to a number of residential properties and a care home and included demolition of existing units on-site and extensive excavation.  Our pre-appointment due-diligence and subsequent enhanced engagement with notifiable parties resulted in us obtaining consent and agreed surveyor appointment as well as negotiating Award’s as building owner’s surveyor. The Awards had to take consideration of complex design features and associated method statements for elements of the works, including intricate demolition and subsequent construction work in proximity to new neighbouring structures.

Luxury devlopment in Enfield. TK Surveying Group Appointed Party Wall Surveyors.

Alexandra Park Road, London

One of our surveyors was appointed as the adjoining owner’s surveyor for the this proposed basement excavation and extension.  Adequate safeguarding and access clauses were essential considerations as well as re-negotiating proposals to alter the drainage system as to avoid unnecessary inconvenience for the adjoining occupier and their continued use of shared side access. Due to the nature of the building work a detailed survey was undertaken of the adjoining owner’s basement as well as internally and externally. Due to the proximity of works and likely impact we negotiated additional survey's of the shared services and drainage prior to commencement of work. Additional notifiable alterations to the original design were dealt with efficiently by means of addendum award.

Alexandra Park Road 1930's end of terrace. Basement conversion. TK Surveying appointed party wall surveyors

Greyhound Road, London

Initially appointed as consultants, one of our engineers undertook an inspection survey and report for the benefit of the building owners contractors prior to commencement of intrusive remedial work. The property in question dated back to the late 18th century  and part of a terrace of similar style properties. Technical plans were drafted to supplement party wall notice bundles and one of our surveyors was then appointed as building owners surveyors. There were two notifiable parties, due to our enhanced engagement following the service of party wall notice's we managed to commandeer consent from one adjoining owner, subject to a schedule of condition, and an agreed surveyor appointment with the other adjoining owner. Beyond the significant cost saving for the building owner, urgent excavation and remedial work was swiftly undertaken and minor damage to the adjoining owners property was addressed efficiently  aided by the detailed schedule of condition.  

1885 Mid-terrace in London. TK Surveying Group; party wall surveyors

Millside, Broxbourne

Initially approached for party wall advice and guidance by the building owner's, one of our surveyors was subsequently appointed to deal with the dispute as the agreed surveyor. Whilst the properties are detached and do not share any main building fabric element, the project was notifiable for the proposed excavation being within a defined distance and depth. As the properties were subject to a private access road and within the confinement of a national park, the proposed project and Award was subject to a number of clauses to deal with these constraints. Access and adequate safeguarding measures throughout the durations of works key. Due to the intrusive nature of the proposed building work, additional survey's and design calculations were required from the building owners prior to commencement. As the building owner was on a tight schedule the matter was expedited whilst maintaining full consideration for the adjoining owners interest and safety. 


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