Are you planning to undertake building work? 

We offer a comprehensive expert fixed fee party wall service for commercial, residential and public body  clients.  We can undertake full authority to expedite matters on your behalf including; legal searches, compiling and serving the relevant notice/s, dealing with adjoining owner and their surveyor.


Our extensive surveying and construction experience ensures that we tailor solutions for your party wall matter  rather than extending disputes unnecessarily. Our impartial, diligent approach often see's us appointed as the agreed surveyor,........

Has your neighbour served you notice?

Where you have received a notice pursuant  to the Party Wall etc Act 1996, you have the legal right to engage the services of a party wall surveyor. You may feel that the information provided to you is inadequate or do not have confidence in the expertise employed by your neighbour.


We use our extensive building pathology  experience to  ensure that damage to your property and unnecessary inconveniences are marginalised........


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Constuction project

Do I Need Party Wall Agreement?

If a neighbour dissents to a notice, the party wall legislation is invoked and a surveyor or surveyors are appointed to resolve the dispute under a statutory duty by means of a Party Wall Award, which is a legally binding document.  


If an adjoining owner consents to a notice,  a party wall award is not required, however, it is in the interest of both parties that a schedule of condition is undertaken prior to commencement of any building work. This is documented in what is termed a Party Wall Agreement.


Building owners benefit from protection against spurious claims of damage. When it comes to legal claims for damage/s caused by building work it is the building owners responsibility (person undertaking the work) to prove they did not cause such damage, this is nigh on impossible without documented evidence.

Likewise, an adjoining owner may consent to their neighbours notice but have concerns regarding  likely damage to their home.


An agreement provides a clearly documented condition of your property prior to work making it easy to monitor and detect potential damage.

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