Building Against a Party Wall

Whether or not one is allowed to build against or on a party wall is often one of the more contentious aspect of notifiable work under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

The building owner on one hand wishes to undertake work, their concerns are often focused on what rights they may have to interfere with or construct a shared structure.

The adjoining owner on the other hand has no say on the neighbouring work and their concerns naturally centre around the protection of their property and mitigation to the inconvenience caused by the construction work.

Building work by definition carries with it a RISK of DAMAGE.

Earlier this month a roof collapsed as a result of the neighbouring construction work leaving the neighbouring premises on the brink of collapse, it is understood that the chimney collapsed destroying the neighbouring roof and party wall.

Source: Daily Record


What are my rights under the Act?

It's no surprise that homeowners, private and social landlords and developers wish to know what rights they have to pursuant constructions work from both sides of the party wall.

What is a Party Wall? What work is notifiable? What work is NOT notifiable?

What are my responsibilities? What is a party wall dispute?

To Provide the answers to many of your questions we have published a number of FREE guidance booklets offering clear and simple guidance and advice. Click on pictures below.

If you wish to speak to one of our expert party wall consultants feel free to get in touch, at TK Surveying Group initial advice and guidance is always FREE.

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