Section 10(4) of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996

The spirit of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 revolves around the facilitation of certain construction works whilst accordingly reciprocating sufficient safeguarding measures to those impacted by the works, section 10 (4) of the 1996 Act is a prime example of this.

Section 10(4) seeks to offer equal consideration to party wall proceedings

So how does section 10 (4) work?

If for whatever reason an adjoining owner is non-responsive or absent section 10 (4) provides a mechanism which ensures that the building owners right to commence work is not delayed and accordingly ensure that an impartial surveyor is appointed to represent the absentee/non-responsive adjoining owner.

A ten-day notice is served under section 10(4) essentially providing a ten-day extension to respond to the original notice(s) served. If after ten days there is still no response then a surveyor is appointed on the non-responsive owners behalf and the formalities of the 1996 Act commences.

Why is this important?

Planning building project with architect

Anyone that has planned a project will know that procuring the right contractors, sourcing materials and things like arranging scaffolding are time specific with associated costs, any delay will most certainly has a negative impact on a project which can cause stressful and costly delay.

From the adjoining owners perspective there may be a million reasons why they have not responded, maybe they’re not well or (more hopefully) maybe their travelling the world, whatever the situation it's only fair that work which is likely to impact their property is assessed by an impartial surveyor and the requisite safeguarding measures are put in place (by means of Party Wall Award).

When does a notice under section 10(4) need to be served?

At 14 or 16 days from the date in which original notice was served;14 days if hand delivered and 16 days if posted (allowing a grace for delivery time).


Need our help?

Whether you have not had a response to notice or have received a notice and not sure what to do, one of our friendly consultants will be happy to offer you further guidance.

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In the first instance it is vital to ensure that any party wall notice served is done so correctly, a party wall notice is a legal instrument and is open to scrutiny whereas any incorrect information may invalidate the notice requiring a new notice to be served.

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Party wall notice guidance

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