Top 20 reasons you might hate your neighbour!

Neighbourly disputes

We know first-hand that neighbourly disputes can be very distressing and can quickly escalate to the point where neighbours do the best they can to avoid bumping into one another, or conversely, clash horns and end up in costly and time consuming litigation!

But why? Huffington Post Reporter Sara Spary took a look at the top 20 reasons you might hate your neighbour, and although somewhat surprising but plausible, *a neighbour would prefer to live next door to a drug baron than a neighbour who was to progress with notifiable party wall works without having first served Notice!

Neighbours criminal activity!

*infringement to property ranks more infuriating than criminal activity when it comes to ranking neighbourly disputes!

How many of the top 20 relate to property and land?

25% of the top 20 reasons you might hate your neighbour in order of most annoying are:

1. Messy and untidy property

Messy and untidy house

2. Property infringements

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Boundary dispute

3. Property damage

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House collapse

4. Overgrown garden

Raking the lawn

5. Prolonged building work and unwanted extensions

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How much more can we extend!

Here is the full list of top 20 causes of neighbourly disputes:

TK Surveying Group
  1. Nosy neighbours

  2. Loud TV/music

  3. Late night parties

  4. Overhearing arguments

  5. Dogs barking loudly

  6. Harassment

  7. Messy/untidy property

  8. Complaints from neighbours

  9. Property infringements

  10. Rows over parking spaces

  11. Criminal activity

  12. Property damage

  13. Cigarette smoke

  14. Overgrown garden

  15. Fly-tipped rubbish

  16. Prolonged building work/unwanted extensions

  17. Noisy sex

  18. Physical attacks

  19. Crying babies

  20. Cooking smells.

Whilst TK Surveying Group can’t control your neighbours meddling, loud dog barking and raucous intimate activities, we can certainly seek to help you with your property related matters.

Get in touch with one of our friendly consultants to find out how we can help you. | 0208 243 8981

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